What’s Making Me Happy This Week: One Upon A time


While I was in Chattanooga last month, my mom recommended a show called Once Upon A Time. I remembered the show premiering last year along with another fairytale-themed show called Grimm and we chose to try Grimm over Once Upon A Time. We watched a couple episodes of Grimm but it didn’t hold our attention so we just skipped the whole televised-fairytale-in-modern-times series altogether. But on my mom’s recommendations, we decided to dive in to Once Upon A Time, thanks to Netflix streaming having the whole first season and let’s just say I’m making some great progress on my current knitting project because I’ve been glued to the TV. The special effects are sort of 80s-era BBC cheesy but if you can overlook the evident green screens and cheeseball Morgan Fairchild make-up on the fairyland Wicked Queen, its actually a great story with layered characters. Go ahead… you know you want to. I’ll even pop some popcorn and make you a cup of cocoa.