What’s Makin’ Me Happy?


I have officially become the Pop Culture Happy Hour pusher-lady. Everyone I meet, I recommend that they meet my imaginary friends Linda, Trey, Stephen and Glen. They aren’t actually imaginary but since I’ve never met or spoken to any of them, they are imaginary friends of mine. Every week, they talk uproariously about tv, movies, books, comic books and all things pop culture. They are fun, eloquent and they are unapologetically geeky. See? Friends! That said, I like to share friends.

So please, hop on over to the NPR blog MonkeySee and click on an episode. If you love it, you can download it via your favorite podcast software (like iTunes). There are over 100 episodes dating back a couple years so you can work your way through it or start awhile back and work your way forward. Some of my favorite episodes are the Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving episodes where they wax poetic about candy and holiday themed TV. I laughed out loud.

So, that’s what is making me happy this week. And every week. If you listen to the podcast, you’ll understand. Join us! Be one of us!