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watercolor-book002.jpgI finally had a moment to post some of the work I did in the watercolor lettering class from last week. The class was taught by an English calligrapher named Peter Thornton and the technique was based on a German calligrapher named Adolf Bernd. My work turned out considerably goofier and more candy-colored than Bernd’s but I absolutely loved working with the watercolors and making these little monograms.

The workshop was three days, the first focused on watercolor designs and the third day specifically dealt with casual Roman Caps lettering. I really enjoyed the third day of lettering until we switched to dip pens in the afternoon and it became apparent that I was left-handed. I’ve had my left-handedness come up in regards to being a calligrapher or lettering artist in the past so I knew the tune (“To be a great calligrapher, you’re going to have to learn to write with your right hand”) but I got really blue when I heard it again. I just don’t understand why its such a big deal, why its so rare to be left-handed?





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  1. wow – it’s great to see these after talking with you about your watercolor lettering experience today. these are wonderful, ana. i like what you did with the word ‘snow’ – very cool!

  2. Hi Ana– I just finished a 2 day version of Peter Thornton’s workshop and I have GREAT appreciation for your work. Lovely color sense. And FYI, two of the best calligraphers in the workshop were lefties and no one said anything about them trying to change. There was some discussion about “hooking” or writing under (both of these women did not hook, as best I remember). Thanks for sharing your very, very nice work. I hope I have time to practice what I learned someday soon-ish.

  3. Nice work, nice site.

    My mother is a leftie and has never hooked her left hand, but she is ambidexterous since she was forced to learn to write righthanded in school. I must go see you studio pics now.

    All the best to you!

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  5. You do not have to be a righty to be a fantastic calligrapher. One of the very best calligraphers I know, Kathy Boykowycz, studied at CMU and is madly talented. Whoever is telling you that is just inexperienced IMHO because lefties can do everything righties can do. Little different orientation, but still…. As for your work… gorgeous. I took that workshop in Pittsburgh and loved it, but have done next to nothing with it since. Hope you did and will post it. terrific blog.

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