The Airing of the Stash


I’ve listened to Brenda Dayne’s Cast-On podcast for as long as I can remember and I always love her “airing of the stash” details. Every year, in January, she hauls out all her yarn and organizes it, catalogs it and sorts it into “keep” and “toss” piles. By “toss” I of course mean that she donates it, sells it or trades it. Unless the creepy crawlies invade, no one actually throws away yarn. Proof of this exsisted in my stash when I found little one yard bits of yarn. Seriously. Pack rat.

That said, I discovered that a lot of my yarn had never been added to my Ravelry online stash and if its not on Ravelry, I don’t remember that it exists. So my first order of business was to photograph and catalog everything on Ravelry. Then I sorted it back into my three big bins according to “Sweater quantity,” “sock yarns,” “everything else”.


There was a small bag (okay, its a big bag) of yarns that I’d like to swap, trade or donate and a load of scraps (those bits exceeding one yard)  I need to find uses for or hand them over to an art teacher to use in kids craft projects.

Now that I’ve catalogued everything I will start finding projects that I’ve queued or favorite-ed on Ravelry so that project can meet yarn and live out their lives happily. Yarn without a project buddy will be paired up soon or it will be paired with other yarns to make a larger project.

Can I tell you how good it feels to know what I have and start to plan projects for each ball, skein or hank? Do you do this?


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  1. I have been thinking about doing that very thing! It seems like a nice pre-Spring cleaning activity, and who doesn’t love to handle gorgeous wool?

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