Allied Voices: Electro-Swing and Bobbles

This is a chaotic list of links and a couple videos but I hope you’ll enjoy them.

The Truth about Vintage Knitting Patterns and Copyright (via Michele Marck Knitwear): Some details about the complications surrounding old knitting patterns. Very informative!

I like the idea of learning to sew but I just don’t have much time these days. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good sewing craft magazine and the new Seamwork magazine from the folks at Colette looks beautiful with pieces with classic good looks.

Tickety Boo Tupney made a fantastic bobble cardigan for the holidays. Admire the bobbliciousness!

(via By Gum By Golly)

Isn’t this a fab chunky cable sweater? Its the Convertible Cardigan by Wenlen Chia knit up by Ms. By Gum By Golly. Lovely and super toasy!

Check out this historically accurate 1920s make-up tutorial. I’m thinking a 20s vibe for the holidays and New Year’s could be a great fashion option this year. I love the 20s look!

And while we’re thinking about the 20s, I found this modern electro-swing playlist on YouTube. Put it on in the background and groove out to a great vintage-influenced assortment of jazzy tunes.


I love my job

There’s been a lot of tough moments this year but this video reminds me that I love what I do, the people I work with and the challenges we face in helping people connect, communicate and share their lives.

Waving the Hallmark flag today to all the people who have ever written, designed, painted, printed, shipped, distributed, accounted for or did anything else that keeps the cogs turning here. Thanks!


What’s Making Me Happy: Dr. Who


The last week or so, we FINALLY started watching the new series of Dr. Who. I really like Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor in Season One but everyone told m how much they liked David Tennant. We are now well into Season Three and I’m beginning to appreciate the lighter, more playful character that Tennant brings to the Doctor. So glad we finally started watching this and that I have four more seasons left to watch. Dr. Who OD!

(available on NetFlix Streaming and Amazon Prime)


Long-tail Tubular Cast-on and KSASD

For whatever reason, this week I decided I needed to know how to do a long-tail tubular cast-on. I found this lovely video that Ysolda Teague made (love you, Ysolda! But I promise I’m not a crazy stalker, really.) but I cannot, for the life of me, remember why I needed to know how to do this. Classic case of knitters short-attention span…

…oooo, sparkly yarn! Brooklyn Tweed has a new pattern book out! Green yarn is on sale at Webs!

Go forth and be distracted. Or learn the long-tail tubular cast-on. Your choice.

(video from Ysolda Teague)