Views from the office

I have had every intention of doing the photo-a-day challenge for January but, between the work trip to Atlanta and a very busy work schedule, my plans sort of imploded. In some cases, I took a photo but never got around to uploading it, in others I worked from dawn until dark and completely missed the chance to take a photo. Somehow though, I managed to shoot several photos of where I work from different angles, in the morning and in the dark. Having my new iPhone with me all the time has given me a chance to shoot anywhere, anytime, which has been interesting. I even got two different shots of the World War I museum which  I really want to visit again soon.


A Dapper Man, or two.

This Saturday, Bob and I spent the day with his “right hand man” Ben and I took a few nice portraits of him while we were waiting for our lunch. He is definitely a dapper young man.

We went to Hallmarket and while it wasn’t exactly Ben’s cup of tea we had a nice time and the weather was fantastic!

Bob was also looking quite dapper, don’t you think?

And Milo, AKA Monkey, is as dashing as ever and he sure loves his daddy.


Using iPhoto Adjustment Tools

I thought it would be interesting to see if I could make minor tweaks to some images using Apple’s iPhoto Adjust and saving myself the time and effort of opening Photoshop. I think the results are striking without being too obvious or drastic. This is a great solution for quick snapshots or minor tweaks.

The images below are before and after examples. Click the image to see full sized versions (warning, full size images are REALLY full size and may take awhile to load!).

With the hydrangea, I increased the saturation, increased the sharpness just slightly, and tweaked the color and white balance (temperature) just a little bit to create deeper lilac tones. Better?

I went the opposite direction with this ballon flower bud. I warmed up the temperature considerably to get rid of the overall bluish tinge, added a bit more sharpness and increased the highlight setting. To my eye, increasing the highlight slider actually toned down the bright highlights giving the leaves and bud a softer look overall.

The image of the hydrangea was a standard jpeg while the balloon flower bud was a RAW image. According to Apple’s support documents, iPhoto really does handle RAW images and then applies and saves tweaked images as jpeg copies. Cool!

While I am certainly not the PopPhoto The Fix column, I think that I was able to gently tweak these images to improve their overall quality without resorting to Photoshop layer masks and heavy duty retouching.