Mail Call!

I have been terrible this year keeping up with all my mail and postal follies. I have been sending and receiving it in droves but haven’t been documenting it or cataloging it with the same level of detail I’ve done in the past. In an effort to remedy this a little bit, here is a little collage of images of some of the incoming post from the past month or so.

mail grid

(from top left: a fabulous package from Annie of Curbside Treasure, an order from The Letter Writers Alliance, a whole pile of mail from friends which my cats were quite curious about and my over-stuffed bin from a rash of pen purchases on Ebay lately.


Good Mail Stamps

Mail stamps

I recently made myself a few special rubber stamps for my mail. I needed to order a new return address stamp since I’ve been using one of those moveable type stamps since I got my PO Box almost a year ago. So I thought I’d go ahead and order some cool stamps to jazz up my envelopes.

Mail stamps

What do you think? I’ve had a few people comment on my latest rubber stamps expressing an interest in them. So, I’m curious, should I make a small quantity of them and sell them on Etsy or something? I can do them as handle stamps or block stamps (sorry about the smudge on the “Good Mail stamp, its already gotten a lot of use). I could reasonably sell the small “Good Mail” stamp for $10-ish and the larger “Snail Mail” for $12-ish plus shipping. Do you think anyone would want them at that price? Or something else? “Special Delivery”? “Par Avion”?

Advice, s’il vous plait! Merci beaucoup!


Oh, sweet mail!

Airmail seals from around the world

Have I told you how awesome postal pals are? These airmail seals came to me by a new pen pal (or at least I hope he becomes a new pen pal) who selected me from the Letter Writers Alliance photo pool to send a letter and he included these seals, which I think he may have printed himself with an old hand press. I am SO lucky.

airmail seals close up

very happy mail day

Some of my mail is so happy it danced, or at least Snoopy danced. I got a new package from Rad + Hungry — this time from England. I am postponing my joy and I haven’t opened it yet. Details of the contents will be revealed over at The Desk, I’m sure.

incoming mail today. isn't it lovely? #showandmail

Earlier this week, I got a few other letters as well making this a very good mail week!

#showandmail off to the post office!
#showandmail Saturday post on the way out.

I sent out a few postcards and letters. I didn’t get nearly as many written this week as I’d hoped but tomorrow is another day, right? Heck, even tonight might yield a few good hours of letter writing and cocktail drinking and I do love a good sidecar.


My month of letters

Thanks to the project A Month of Letters, I have written over 45 letters this month, more than the 24 required to complete the task though I was not able to do one letter per day everyday I managed to make letter-writing a priority this month.

I created about a dozen panda Valentines as well as a handful of personal Valentines for family around the country and a mess of letters and postcards to friends old and new. I also got lots of wonderful letters and packages in return covered in beautiful art and lettering. Such inspiration!

It was a lot of fun and I don’t think I’ll slow down on letter-writing in March though it will be nice not to feel guilty if I don’t write every single day.


A new month, a new challenge

After my utter failure with the January photo challenge, can I really be trusted to write 24 letters and/or postcards in the month of February? Or is it imperative, in my current frame of mind (thinking homicidal thoughts about my co-workers and bosses), to reach out to people I genuinely like and continue to foster those relationships?

I’m voting that, for the sake of my sanity, I need to carve out time each day to rest, write and connect with real people. My job has become so stressful and genuinely agonizing that I need a bright spot in the form of postal missives.

So, I’m in. I am committed to A Month of Letters. And it all starts today. Maybe you should check your mail box tomorrow…


A Brand New Box (P.O. Box, that is!)

Say hello to my new box. P.O. Box, that is. I finally took the chance and got a post office box to call my own. Its situated within walking distance from work at the prettiest possible post office that ever lived.

Its inside the historic Union Station, complete with the old golden counters from its previous location (now occupied by the IRS offices).

And the evening view from Union Station is quite lovely too.

So, if you’d like to send me a little note, postcard or PO Box warming greeting, here’s the address:

New business cards are being printed up soon!



Another Lovely Package… or two!

Lovely Package Exchange gifts

I received my Lovely Package Exchange gift  and boy, was it ever lovely! I also got a gift form my pen pal and both boxes were covered with beautiful tapes — they looked so lovely sitting together I was almost sad to take the wrapping off. But, I couldn’t resist the tempation to open my gifts!

I’m tickled that my Exchange partner and I wrapped the gifts with craft paper and twine. I guess we were a good match! On the packaging was a vintage photo of the Eiffel Tower (swoon!) and an old postcard along with a skeleton key, buttons and a hand-stitched tag. Inside was a set of Rifle Co notebooks (swoon again!) and pencils and tissues. So sweet and lovely indeed!

A gift from my pen pal

My pen pal sent me such a lovely red, sparkly package as well. And I could not resist opening it. My DH asked me why I didn’t wait until Christmas but I thoughtfully explained that I couldn’t wait — what if the gifts were perishable? He rolled his eyes while I dug into the packages! So many wonderful gifts! How did I get so lucky to have so many kind, wonderful people in my life?

Cats love packaging

The kitties were thrilled with the gift too and played happily with the paper shreds and ribbons for some time before a warm patch of sunlight presented itself and napping was required. (Photos above are CJ and Django).