Handcarved stamps


Here’s a bunny stamp I carved this weekend. Its not completely finished, I still need to make a few adjustments so maybe a little public humiliation will pressure me into finishing it.

I used Speedball Speedy Stamp (“the pink stuff”) which doesn’t crumble like Speedy Cut. Other manufacturers make similar material but for small detailed work I highly recommend “the pink stuff” or the same kind of substance they use to make Staedtler white erasers. Staedtler actually sells Master Carving Blocks which are expensive but are thick enough to carve on both sides. The leaf stamp below was carved into soft linoleum which is softer and easier to carve than classic battleship linoleum. However, it is still much harder to carve than Speedy Stamp or white erasers. Soft linoleum does hold more detail and could be great to use for holding shading detail but I have a binary brain – on or off, shades of grey when carving with a sharp object is a concept a bit beyond me.


I’ll post printed samples soon. I was trying to print these by hand onto watercolor paper using acrylic paints which is a recipe for stamping disaster. You’ve been warned.


Unfinished painting


This is a rough detail of a painting I started in my class a few weeks ago. I thought this piece would just be a place to practice a new technique so I worked on illustration board but now I’m thinking I should redo the piece on something more permanent. I’m on the fence about it.

Just thought I’d show that I’m making some progress.


Last week’s painting project


Last week in my painting class, we got to experiment with using materials to create texture. I used paper doilies, bubble wrap and a small, soft brayer to create textures and patterns. This was probably the class assignment I was most skeptical about doing because the instructor had described it as monoprinting but it ended up being really fun. In theory, I’d like to use these pieces as a background and add some foreground imagery but the longer I look at the pink doily piece, the more I like it as an abstract painting.