Birthday Bounty


Its been over three months since my birthday but I still feel so grateful for all the wonderful, thoughtful gifts I received from friends and family. June was a particularly challenging month for me (work was sucking like an angry black hole) and it made being remembered on my birthday all that more meaningful. Rebecca sent me a massive package full of the most wonderful handmade items and vintage goodies. She made me two beautiful knitting project bags, an amigurumi Amineko cat (named Sushi), wonderful knitted goodies for Miss Bea, a fabulous carved orange bangle, and probably a dozen other things I can’t remember at the moment.

amineko kitty

Bob bought me a new fountain pen — one I too had ordered for myself, completely unbeknownst to him. So I had two lovely TWSBI fountain pens. We sent one back and he ordered the COMPLETE English Beat catalog for me on CD. I am a huge English Beat fan and missed their most recent concert in KC because I was sick-as-a-dog so this is a great gift. I love this man.

My adopted family in KC showered me with gifts and food and kindness when I needed it most and for that I am eternally grateful.

I received cards and phones calls from family afar and my mom sent me a box full of goodies too!

Oh, and I bought myself my very first Orla Keily handbag. Its quite spacious in a nice waxed canvas-type material with her signature floral print. And I got it on sale. Score!


Mitten moves to the Midwest

I got super lucky and was able to score a pre-loved Mitten! She was missing just her stand and her mittens but she came in her Mitten stock box with all the other (definitely winter-wear) stock outfits. She is such a beautiful, rare girl! She needed a shampoo and her thatching touched up so I had to wait a day before photographing her. I didn’t want to embarrass her by photographing her for the world to see without first letting her “freshen up a bit”.

I think I will lightly customize her to get rid of the shine and boggle her but I’d like to keep her pretty true to her original look. Much like Squirrel Junkie’s Peanut. Which reminds me… this little lady needs her own name!


It Rained Blythes

These are photos from an auction that Casa Pinka won a couple years ago. It was a fancy fundraiser andeveryone else at the event was bidding on golf clubs and vacation getaways. She had eyes for the LOT of Blythe dolls and scored them for a song. Yes, all of them. BLs, petites, rare and limited edition girls — all in a lot that no one else at the event wanted but that I would have hyperventilated into a EMT-needing frenzy if I’d seen them. We should all be so lucky!


Simply Bubble Boom Spotted in the Wild

It looks like Simply Bubble Boom has been released! I found this picture over on @nai’s Flickrstream. She looks very sweet though I am not at all fond of her orangey-brown front facing eye chips. Also, I still think the lip painting on the FBLs is too pointy at the philtrum.

I checked over on Ebay and her prices are over $200 already. Ugh. For a Simply girl, she’s simply expensive.