Sailor Patriot

I would have posted yesterday but I had a run-in with some toxic vitamins. In an effort to reduce my habit of bruising, I started taking some vitamins this weekend only to discover after two days of stomach cramps that my vitamins were laced with GREEN PEPPERS! Green peppers are my personal Kryptonite. They make me so sick so to discover that the vitamins I thought were going to make me more healthy were poisoning me was just heart-wrenching. Anyway, I am slowly feeling better so… on with the photos!

This is my most patriotic outfit which seemed fitting to show you since yesterday was Independence Day.

I have always wanted a sailor-esque dress and this one completely fit the bill with a little polka dot collar in the back and a tie to match at the front. Its made of fairly lightweight cotton, a bit like a chambray. Long ago, it lost its belt so I made do with a coordinating red patent belt and added a few pins.

My Coventry-era pin is from the 60s I think and the “I Like Pie” pin is new — a birthday gift from my pie-making friends.

The dress comes a little below the knee and has those loose-fitting pockets specific to the 30s and 40s. The buttons are flower-shaped! What’s not to love?

Hope everyone had a lovely Fourth of July!


Fabulous Forties in LIFE

I found a way to search the LIFE magazine archives for images from a specific period of time. I, of course, searched for images from the 1940s and found these summery fashion gems:

Love her floral blouse with workaday suit

Lana Turner In Hollywood

Another fabulous shot of Lana Turner lounging by the pool

Oh, those shoes and dress! So stylish!

Not purely summery but a great work ensemble! Vassar 1940 Miss Margaret Brock Banker's, Trust Company Wall Street

Its not super intuitive to search this way but I think adding “source:life” at the end of a Google search will narrow the search to content available from LIFE magazine. Give it a whirl and let me know if you find anything fun!


Movie Night: Talk of the Town

My darling husband and I have started a tradition of a Friday Night movie night and we’ve been focusing on watching classic films. This week we watched Talk of the Town, a 1942 black and white picture that’s a little noir, a little comedy and a romance all rolled into one. It stars Jean Arthur as a schoolteacher who hides an escaped prisoner Cary Grant, wrongly accused of course, in the rental property of renowned legal scholar played by Ronald Colman. Hijinx ensue. I was riveted by how delightful Jean Arthur’s acting was especially since I was not as familiar with her work. And the fashion — certainly more modest than other films but glamorous just the same!

Jean Arthur in men's pajamas

My favorite Jean Arthur outfit in the film, long skirt with suspenders, long-sleeved white blouse

A hand-colored still from the film

There’s details about the film on TCM, which we needed to consult because our DVD rental from Netflix did not include the wonderful bits of trivia that we normally get from Robert Osborne when watching on broadcast TV.


An Obsession with Pendleton

Pendleton 49 and vintage heart cameo pin

On my most recent vintage fashion shopping spree, I discovered my very own vintage Pendleton 49er jacket. With the exception of a few lost and/or damaged buttons, it is in pristine condition. The shoulder pads are still intact and it has bracelet-length sleeves rather than the longer modern sleeves. Not a single moth hole or torn seam. And it fits perfectly!

It wasn’t until recently that I learned about Pendleton thanks to Solanah of Vixen Vintage. I love this jacket so much, I’ve already worn it twice this week. The weather, being a little inclement, has been perfect for the Pendleton 49er.

another Pendleton weather day

Did you know that Pendleton still makes a version of the 49er? Did you know that the Beach Boys were originally called the Pendletones after the famous plaid shirts?

In my research, I found some wonderful vintage ads for the Pendleton 49er too:

In the fine print on these ads, it looks like the original Pendleton 49er cost about $19.95. According to Dollar Times, the equivalent cost in 2010 would be $178. Would you believe that is exactly how much Pendleton charges for a new 49er? Crazy. They are on sale right now on the Pendleton web site though so its possible to get one for a fraction of that price.

I love this sea mist color but it doesn’t feel quite period enough:


New suit sneak peek

Vintage Ana, originally uploaded by raceroberts.

Last weekend, I had scored this fantastic 1940s suit. Its in pristine condition. The green is my favorite shade and the blue and white silk tie is part of the jacket.

Its a tiny bit snug but I’m working on that (less chocolate, more lettuce). Now I just wish the Harvey House was still open at Union Station because I think I’d look just right at the lunch counter.

Via Flickr:


Movie Night: On the Town

Last night, we had a little movie night and watched the 1949 MGM musical On the Town with Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Ann Miller, Vera-Ellen, Betty Garrett and Jules Munshin. I grinned all night. Its a musical about three sailors on shore leave for 24 hours. The music was created by Leonard Bernstein so of course its catchy. Gene Kelly clearly directed all of the dance segments which were done in long takes filled with grace and style. I loved all the costumes in the film. It was all just so fun!

I thought I’d collect some images from the film and some of the actresses because they were stunning. With the exception of Vera-Ellen who I’ve seen a hundred times in White Christmas, I was familiar with Betty Garrett and Ann Miller who are beautiful and so talented.

Ann Miller wore a fabulous kelly green dress with black and white plaid trim and lining. It was amazing!

Betty Garrett:

Betty Garrett was probably best known for her role as Edna Babish, the landlady on Laverne and Shirley. She died on February 12th of this year. So sad that another fabulous actress is gone.

Ann Miller:

Ann Miller was stunning and danced fabulously in On The Town. According to Wikipedia, she was credited with the invention of pantyhose. She is rumored to have asked a stocking manufacturer to make some stockings that “went all the way up” so that she would no longer have to have her stockings sewn to her dance costumes. Its noted that the stockings worn by all the dancers in On The Town still have back seams but I admit to wondering about them while watching the film since 1949 seemed alwfully early for pantyhose. Now I know.


Sadly, much of the press about Vera-Ellen had to do with her weight and the likelihood that she spent her life fighting anerexia. She was slim for sure but she was a fantastic dancer and so fun to watch!


Liberty Rolls

I spent the weekend messing around with my hair trying to perfect Liberty Rolls. I must have watched a dozen YouTube videos though I have to say that my favorite were done by Fleur, SuperKawaiiMama and MyLulu2.  It took me several attempts to get them to shape correctly and the front pieces of my hair are not as long as the back which caused some issues. Also, my hair is pretty thick so I did not have to pouf out the sides at all. In fact, I ended up adding pins on the sides, in the back to keep my hair from poufing too much on its own.

SO… are the results (drum roll please):

Attempt #3

Attempt #3 and by far the most successful

Attempt #2

Attempt #2 with more visible loops

Attempt #1

Attempt #1 which ended up being more of a twist than a true roll

As for the fashions, I am wearing a clothing swap mustard cardigan with a tie waist. Its actually too big for me so it looks a bit blouse-y. Probably came from H&M. The peter pan tie blouse is from Forever 21. Will be a great summer top. Brooch is a vintage heart photo keeper. More photos of that to come.