Post-Holiday Plague

TV and PJs

After we got back from our trip South for the holidays, I came down with the Ick. So my last few days have been spent hiding on the couch in my PJs, knitting on Bob’s plain vanilla socks in a limited colorway by Two Windows Dye Co. with heels, toes and cuff in Brown Sheep Wildfoote Blue Blood Red.

We’ve ODed on movies: Men In Black 3, Karate Kid, Magic Mike, RED, and Moonrise Kingdom. Yeah, couch potatoes, kleenex, tea and cookies!

homemade chicken vegetable soup made by @skylabletterpress for sick little me.

Bob has kept me in soup: Chicken Vegetable Soup from the Better Homes & Garden Cookbook and Italian Wedding Soup from The snowflake-shaped Ritz crackers were a homey touch.

Thanks to all this TLC, I’m feeling a little better today and hope to actually get out of the house tomorrow. If it doesn’t snow.