New Year, New Goals

Reading Challenge

Is it too late to plan for 2013? Seeing as how we are a mere 13 days, I think I can still do it.

I love setting new goals for the new year. I try not to cook up grandiose, unattatinable goals though most of my knitting goals are doomed to the distraction of an impatient knitter but still… even the knitting goals are accomplish-able goals. So here’s this year’s list:

  • Read 60 books: I read more than my goal of 60 last year so I think I can do it again
  • Knit 13 in 2013: This will be discussed in detail later
  • Twelve months of crafts: also to be discussed later
  • Take swing dancing lessons
  • Simplify and streamline: be it my computer, my home, my closet or my life. I want to evaluate what is making my life harder or messier and clear it up.
  • Remodel the studio/home office: paint the walls, take out old desk, remove clutter, new bookcases

Do you make resolutions or plans for the new year?