NaKniSweMo, Version 3.0

While others are madly tapping out their first novel for November’s Nanowrimo and others are growing out their beard in honor of Movemeber, I have been clicking my needles in honor of NaKniSweMo. This is my third NaKniSweMo November in the last four years.

This year, with help from my husband, I picked the free Paulie pattern. Its a simple, striped, top-down cardigan with a fold-over shawl collar. I have only five days left but having completed the body and half of one sleeve, but I’m feeling fairly confident that I might have the whole sweater completed¬† before Christmas, which for my record is an improvement. Last year’s NaKniSweMo sweater took me until February to finish. As I have THE PERFECT skirt to wear with the Paulie sweater, I suspect I’ll make every effort to finish it as quickly as possible in order to wear the full ensemble.


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