Fall-fetti Compost Cookies

a pile of yum

When I saw the recipe for the Crazy Confetti Cookies, I just had to try it for myself. But, as with all recipes, I had to make modifications, of course.


I bought a bag of Heath Chips (already crushed up in the aisle with the chocolate chips), as well as a bag of chocolate chunks and peanut butter chips. I didn’t need the whole bag of any of these so when I used what I needed, I dumped all the chips into one container and shook it up so next time I make chocolate chip cookies, it will be a mixed-up chip cookie.

For the graham crackers, I crushed up two full crackers and that was enough to meet the quantity recommended in the recipe.

I didn’t add the additional salt as there seems to be enough salt between the salt and vinegar chips and the pretzels.

crushed potato chips

Since we don’t usually stock potato chips or pretzels I bought small snack-sized bags in hopes that there would be enough to meet the quantity listed in the recipe. A 2 ounce bag of Zapp’s was the exact right amount. I bought a big snack sized bag of pretzels which was more than I needed but I saved the extras to go with our dinner. Win win!

crushing up the dry goodies

I used a shallow bowl and a glass to crush up the chips, graham crackers and pretzels and it worked well!

creamed butter, eggs and sugar

all the dry goodies

I didn’t have regular confetti sprinkles, only fall color themed so I used those instead.

piled high to bake

nary a burnt edge

And finally, I made smaller cookies than what the recipe called for, more like 1″ balls, but did not to need to adjust the time and ended up with about four dozen medium sized cookies! The stacked ball method recommended by How Sweet It Is worked awesome! The bottom of my cookies are just as pretty as the tops.